[Solved] How to Bypass Apple Activation Lock on iPhone or iPad (2023)

When it comes to your Apple device, therecan be few things more infuriating than struggling to get past the Appleactivation locks. Indeed, activation locks serve an important purpose forensuring the security of your device, but when you are already the legitimatedevice owner, being unable to process the lock can be infuriating. That’s why,today, we’ll be looking at what Apple activation locks are and how you canbypass Apple activation locks for your device.

What is Apple Activation Lock?

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Firstly, we need to clarify what the Appleactivation lock is. An activation lock is applied to a device after Find MyiPhone has been enabled, and in theory, this lock provides protection for theowner’s data on the phone. Indeed, if the phone should get stolen, anyfraudulent users – knowingly or otherwise – wouldn’t be able to get into thedevice.

Why Apple Activation Locks Can be a Problem?

While the concept behind the Appleactivation locks is good, it’s not always practical. Indeed, sometimes deviceowners can find themselves in a position where they cannot unlock their device,which leaves them locked out from using the iPhone.

So, when does an iCloud activation lockhappen? Well, the lock is most often a problem for individuals who have boughta second-hand Apple device. In this instance, the Apple activation lock wouldlikely be present if the previous owner had not wiped the device correctlybefore selling it.

Nonetheless, if you need support to bypass Apple activation locks, there are ways that you can go about this. Fortunately, we’ll be looking today at how to remove the activation lock without previous owner input for your device, to help you get on with your day and make the most of your iPhone device.

How to Bypass the Activation Lock on iPad/iPhone?

If you want to bypass the activation lock on your new iPhone or iPad device, the easiest way is to input the correct credentials. The iCloud activation lock prompts users to input the correct Apple ID and password and correctly filling this information in can be a quick and easy way to get around the block.

Filling in Data Isn’t AlwaysPossible

It’s not always possible to fill in thisdata. For example, on your own device, you may have forgotten your Apple ID logincredentials – for people who don’t use their Apple ID often, this is especiallyeasy to do. Alternatively, if you have just purchased a device from someone andthe iPhone or iPad is still locked to their Apple ID, you naturally won’t havetheir details to input here.

Alternatively, it could be that your deviceisn’t iCloud activation locked but instead, the old owner has left their 4 or 6digit passcode in place before selling the device. Of course, if the previousowner is happy to provide this password, this provides a simple fix. If not,though, then you will need to look at other options.

Previous Owners May be Unableto Help

Ideally, in either case, you should ask theprevious owner to bypass the iCloud activation lock or passcode lock and thenreset the device back to factory settings. However, this often won’t be apractical or possible solution. For example, if you purchased your new deviceon an online selling site and the seller shipped it across the country to you,then meeting up with the old owner isn’t exactly going to be an option.

What can you do in this case? Fortunately,it is possible to remove the activation lock without needing support from theprevious owner. There are a few options here. Nonetheless, the most common andpotentially the most effective way for how to remove activation lock withoutprevious owner input is to use an Apple activation lock bypass tool.

The Easiest Way to Bypass Apple Activation Lock–StarzSoft KeyPass

If you have been looking to bypass the Apple activation lock on your device, then StarzSoft KeyPass could be the most valuable tool to consider. Indeed, KeyPass is generally considered a highly effective and reliable iCloud and Apple activation lock bypass tool. But what is KeyPass, how does it work, and are there other alternatives for unlocking your iPhone or iPad device?

1 If you Forget Your Apple ID

Whether you’ve forgotten your own Apple IDor if you have purchased a device that the previous owner failed to unlock, youmight be wondering how to go about bypassing the activation lock. Indeed, it’sfortunately possible to remove activation locks without needing the support ofthe previous owner, so long as you are the legitimate owner of the device.

There are numerous Apple activation lockbypass tools online, but not all offer the same level of support. Many arescams or otherwise infected with viruses and malware. As such, you shouldalways take caution when choosing a tool to bypass Apple Activation locks.Fortunately, Keypass could offer a valuable option to consider!

2 How to Bypass Apple ActivationLock Via Keypass?

Bypassing the Apple activation lock with KeyPass is simple. StarzSoft KeyPass can be used to bypass multiple types of Apple device locks for iOS 7 devices and later, including 4 and 6 digit passcodes, Face ID, and touch ID.

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Once you have downloaded the Keypass Apple activation lock bypass tool, you should follow the instructions as prompted. The tool is unique in that it provides handy visual diagrams based on the model of your Apple device to make unlocking the device easy!

Step1 Download and launch the StarzSoft KeyPass

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Click “Start” to remove the activation lock.

Up to this step, make sure the iPhone get enough power and be noted that after remove activation lock, your device will be jailbroken.

Then connect your iOS device to the PC with a USB cable.

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Step2 Jailbreak the iOS device

Once the KeyPass detects your iOS device, the jailbreak tool will be downloaded to your PC like this:

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After the jailbreak tool has been downloaded successfully, plug your USB Flash Drive into your computer. Then click “Next” to continue the process.

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Pay attention here will pop up a kindly note to tell you that installing this jailbreak tool will erase all your data in it just like this, then if you choose click “Yes“, then move on.

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It takes few seconds to install the jailbreak tool to the USB Flash Drive.

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Step3 Start to remove the activation lock

After the successful jailbreak is done, click the “Unlock Now“.

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It gets fluent removing activation lock and remove successfully!

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Here’s the detailed user guide for “how to use StarzSoft KeyPass” step by step.

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8.7/XP

Secure Download

Other Ways to Bypass the Activation Locks

If the Keypass Apple activation lock bypasstool isn’t for you, then you may want to consider other ways to bypass theactivation lock. The two most obvious solutions are to bypass the activationlock via iCloud or DNS.

1. How to Bypass the Activation Lock via iCloud

First of all, let’s consider how to bypassApple activation locks using iCloud. To do so, you’ll need to have the oldowner’s credentials, or otherwise ask the old owner to complete the process foryou. You will also need them to approve the login attempt; as such, If youcannot get in touch with the old owner, other options may be more suitable.

Once you have the necessary iCloud details, visit iCloud.com from a browser and log in using the correct Apple ID credentials. Because this can be done from any device, the old device owner can complete this step without needing to be present in person.

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Scroll down until you find the “Find iPhone”icon, and select this. Doing so will bring up a map, and you’ll want to locatewhere your device is on that map. Devices are denoted by a blue dot; select thecorrect dot and then choose the “erase device” button below the deviceinformation.

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A word of caution for the old device owner– doing so will wipe all previous documents, photos, and the like. If theseneed to be saved first, it’s advisable to upload them to iCloud or use a toolsuch as Dropshare.

2. How to Bypass the Activation Lock on iPad/iPhone via DNS

As an alternative to unlocking the devicewith iCloud, you can unlock manually via DNS – a bit of a fiddly process, butit’s not impossible. You’ll need to be on the device setup screen for this towork.

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Start by choosing your country, and thenyou’ll be prompted to choose a Wi-Fi network. Instead, select the I buttonand then check “more Wi-Fi settings”. Select ii again to bring up theDNS section. Change DNS from automatic to manual, then replace the IP addressthat’s showing based on your current location. The IP addresses to use are asfollows depending on your country:





AnyOther Region:

Once you have made this change, choose “back”and then log onto your Wi-Fi network as normal. This will bring up the iCloudbypass screen.

Further Reading:


It’s possible to bypass Apple activationlocks, even without the previous owner being present, but a better option is tomake sure your device is free from locks to begin with!

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As such, if you’re buying a second-handiPhone or iPad device, you should always try to make sure that the seller hasremoved all locks before they send it. Furthermore, if you can, try to buy adevice locally just in case any complications arise.

As a seller, it’s crucial to ensure thatyou have disabled iCloud locks before selling your device. Fortunately, suchdoesn’t need to be a challenge with the simple and quick “how to bypass theactivation lock via iCloud” method we have outlined above by logging intoiCloud.com!

The Bottom Line

Buying a device that still has an Apple activation lock showing can be a real nuisance, but it’s not impossible to get around these. Knowing how to remove activation locks without help from the previous owner is always handy, but ideally, you should ask the previous device owner to help with the Apple activation lock bypass – it only needs to take a few minutes!

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8.7/XP

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