Download CapCut Latest Version 1.6.1 on iPhone – 2023 Update (2023)

CapCut is a free video editing tool produced by Bytedance which also owns TikTok. You can create wonderful video effects and filters using this free application. Despite lacking in some areas as compared to its rivals, it nevertheless has a lot of entertaining features. You might, for instance, flip the video or add some stickers.

Why is CapCut the Best App for Mobi...

The user interface is sleek and it is simple to use. However, the challenge is that it might consume resources which limit how well it performs.

Nevertheless, you’ll appreciate having all the tools at your disposal to help your work stand out from the competition. In this page you will find all the information about latest Capcut release for iOS system including the download links.

Go here if you are looking for Capcut Android Latest Version Download Link.

Table of Contents

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  • What are the latest additions in the recent release of Capcut?
  • Where to Download Capcut for iOS latest Version?
  • What are the other main features on Capcut Latest Edition?
  • How to Download and Install Capcut for iOS?
  • What are the additional features through in-app purchases?
  • What are users saying about the latest release?
    • User 1: Marta
    • User 2: John
    • User 3: Becky
  • Closing Thoughts

What are the latest additions in the recent release of Capcut?

Following are the enhancements which have been made in CapCut for iOS.

  • Color Wheel feature
  • Get rid of video flickering
  • Noise reduction in videos
  • Customized Cut out option
  • Increased Retouch functions
  • Audio Channel Settings
  • Export Captions
  • Auto Beat

Where to Download Capcut for iOS latest Version?

You may download the latest version of Capcut 1.6.1 on to your iPhone or iPad using the below download link.

Download Capcut Latest Version iOS

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Version Number1.6.1
Release DateMarch 20, 2023
Produced ByBytedance
Download Size~ 675 MB
RequirementiOS 11.0, macOS 10.14
CategoryVideo Editor
Data CollectedContact Info, User Content, Usage, Diagnostics, Identifiers

  • Simple to use. Posting only your best moments will make it easier than ever to crop, rewind, and modify the speed.
  • High quality. A universe of possibilities are made possible by sophisticated filters and perfect aesthetic effects.
  • The best music ever made, with amazing sound. Large CapCut music collection and unique author tunes.
  • Text and stickers. You may completely express your films with well-known stickers and typefaces.
  • Effect. Make up your own magic using a variety of effects.

Watch the below tutorial guide on how to get Capcut for your iPhone:

What are the other main features on Capcut Latest Edition?

Following are the main functions of Capcut Latest Version:

  • Split, Reverse and Speed Control: With CapCut, you’ll have three tools that give it a competitive advantage as a video editor. You may simply alter the speed at which the information plays, much as on TikTok. You may decide where to use the Split Function to stop the movie at a certain frame. The Reverse Function allows you to play the video backwards.
  • Adding Stickers and Effects: Stickers may be placed at key moments in your film to draw attention to them or promote your business if it’s a little boring. Additionally, you have the option of adding text and using various filters and special effect options.
  • Adding Music to Videos: Videos without a background score might be uninteresting. You may choose from a wide variety of free rhythms and tunes to liven it up if you want to make it more lively. The atmosphere and tone for your audience will be improved.

How to Download and Install Capcut for iOS?

It is very easy. Just follow these simple steps to install Capcut on your iPhone.

  • On this page, click the “Download CapCut Latest Version iOS” button from above.
  • You will be sent to the App Store website through this.
Download CapCut Latest Version 1.6.1 on iPhone – 2023 Update (1)
  • You may begin downloading and installing CapCut as soon as it appears in your iOS device.
Download CapCut Latest Version 1.6.1 on iPhone – 2023 Update (2)
  • To begin downloading the app, tap on the GET icon to its right.
Download CapCut Latest Version 1.6.1 on iPhone – 2023 Update (3)
  • You will be asked for your Apple ID and/or password if you are not logged in to the iOS appstore.
  • Once CapCut has been downloaded, an Install button will appear to the right of the screen.
Download CapCut Latest Version 1.6.1 on iPhone – 2023 Update (4)
  • To begin the iOS app installation, tap on it.
  • When the installation is complete, click the OPEN button to launch it. The home screen of your smartphone will also get its icon.
  • Read the next steps on how to do timeline editing using Capcut.

What are the additional features through in-app purchases?

The free version of Capcut already provides a host of features that you would need for any video editing requirement. It may be a professional edit or for social media posting, Capcut free version gets all the job done. However, below are the add-ons you may choose to subscribe to in the PRO version of Capcut:

  • Monthly Subscription – $7.99
  • CapCut cloud space – $1.99
  • One-month PRO – $9.99
  • One- year PRO – $74.99
  • CapCut cloud space – $5.99
  • CapCut cloud space – $0.99
  • Monthly Subscription – $7.99
  • Monthly Subscription—7days free – $7.99
  • One-year PRO – $44.99
  • CapCut cloud space – $18.99

The rates provided above are in USD and are indicative pricing. Make sure to check with the Apple website for any recent updates.

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If you are not happy with Capcut for some reason then you look for Capcut Alternatives. Try contacting the developer directly at [emailprotected].

What are users saying about the latest release?

Read the below reviews written by real time users of Capcut on iOS (iPhone and iPad):

User 1: Marta

Since I’ve owned it for approximately three months, I’ve fallen in love with it. It is possible to take audio from videos and combine it with images and video clips in using CapCut. For kids like me who aren’t allowed to use TikTok or Social Media, it’s fantastic because it serves as a place where you can perform TikTok dances and other activities and share them with your family and friends without posting them on a social media platform. If you’re allowed to use TikTok, you can also use CapCut to create videos for the app. I use CapCut virtually every day, whether I’m acting or just bored and want to lip sync.

User 2: John

I adore CapCut since it allows me to modify and because I can utilize templates if I’m too tired or lazy to do it myself. Additionally, CapCut offers a ton of effects and customization tools so you can create stunning films. I believe that there should be instructions and stages for novices so they would know what to do and how to accomplish it. I believe I’ve been using CapCut for one or two years, and I truly enjoy it. If it has nice alternatives and quality, people should score it highly, in my view. If you don’t like it, that’s your choice.

User 3: Becky

A more comprehensive audio editing interface that includes mixers for the various layers and sound level indicators would be wonderful. Aside from audio filters, I’d also like to be able to apply equalizers to each audio track independently (having to take audio from a video in order to add speech effects doesn’t qualify). It would be nice if we could alter other render parameters in addition to this. For instance, a slider that goes from “smaller size, lower quality” to “larger size, higher quality” may make it easier to change the bitrate for the entire movie.

Closing Thoughts

CapCut is a beautiful iOS video editing tool that will improve your material beyond simple presentations. When you have the option to add music, special effects, and stickers, you don’t have to be content with boring movies.

You may watch them in slow motion or reverse for more enjoyment. You should give Capcut a try, especially if you enjoy video editing. You must, however, ensure that your phone is capable of handling the specifications for standard or high definition.

The pros are wonderful editing such as filters, overlays, sound addition, extraction etc. Whereas the drawbacks are it might not have all the functions like in paid counterparts and also glitches if your device is not ready to handle.

(Video) How To Find Templates For CapCut I CapCut Templates Tutorial 2023

Overall it is one of the best app in Video and Photo editor category. So you need to definitely give it a try. Just hit the download button from above a grab your Capcut today.

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